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Since 1995, Banquetes Briones has been offering catering services from the heart of Mission, Texas, serving the Rio Grande Valley area and North of Tamaulipas by Nora Briones, Maximo Briones and Azalea Briones.

With more than 20 years of experience, our clients decide to come to Banquetes Briones due to our extended and tasty menu. At Banquetes Briones, we are decided to make your event unforgettable and please our clients and their invites with our variety of plates to choose.

Banquetes Briones have been part of several social gatherings, city hall events, churches and schools events, among others. Banquetes Briones have not only been providing catering services, but as well, we will make your table outstanding with our floral arrangements, table linen and provide a great waiting service.

As well, Banquetes Briones is your closest and best solution when it comes to Breakfast Buffet for your preferred event or even create exquisite banquets for the Turkey Season.

Don’t wait more, contact Banquetes Briones to book your event  Today!

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We do not have any branches, we are the only one in the Valley

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